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Herbal Medicine
Supplements, Herbal Formulas and Homeopathy
There are several options for purchasing supplements, herbal formulas and homeopathy that have been prescribed to you by Dr. Lenore Maio.

Integrative Therapeutics

All Integrative Therapeutics products must be pre-ordered and paid for in advance. All orders must be picked up at either the Hobe Sound or Boca Raton office. Call 561-248-8499 to arrange a pickup time.


Order directly from the Metagenics website and have it shipped to you.


CBD Living

Order directly from Dr. Maio.


Crane Pharmacy

If you are prescribed an herbal formula or homeopathy by Dr. Maio from Crane Pharmacy, they will send you a link via email to purchase your prescription.

Featured Products

D3 10,000 + K

Provides 10,000 IU per softgel of vitamin D (as D3), designed for greater absorption. This high potency formula also includes bioavailable forms of vitamin K2 to complement vitamin D.

SpectraZyme® Complete

This comprehensive enzyme complex is designed to support the healthy digestion of proteins, peptides, carbohydrates, fats, cellulose, maltose, lactose, and sucrose.*


Phosphatidylserine is an important phospholipid in the brain and key building block of nerve cell membranes. Research suggests phosphatidylserine may support mental focus and help support a healthy endocrine response to acute mental stress.*

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