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Herbs and Remedies
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Lenore Maio has been in practice since 2009 in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She graduated from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Chinese Medicine
Tai Chi & Qigong Instruction

Group Classes

Group classes may be scheduled for up to 8 students in 45 minute session. A 15 minute meditation follows the training program. The instruction cost is $120.

Private Instruction

This session is 45 minutes of Tai Chi or Qigong instruction followed by a 15 minutes meditation. Private instruction costs $120 per hour.


Seated Zen Meditation is offered privately or in group sessions. This is a traditional intensive course of instruction. Beginners to advanced students can both benefit.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi
Tui'na (medical bodywork)

Tuina is the manual therapy portion of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some consider it a combination of physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic care, but it is actually none of the above!

Homeopathic Injection Therapy

Injection therapy is used for trauma, post-trauma, and chronic conditions. Homeopathic preparations are effective yet nonreactive to other medications and therapies. 

Homeopathic Injections
Electrical Stimulation
Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation applied to inserted sterile, single-use acupuncture needles provides a strong healing response without the patient moving. This is especially helpful with post-surgical issues and neurologic issues.


There are several options for purchasing supplements from Dr. Maio.


You may purchase them from her Metagencis Store.


She may also prescribe an herbal formula or homeopathy from Crane Pharmacy  or Acumarket for you. You will be sent a link via email once the prescription has been ordered for you. Follow the instruction on the website to place your order.

If you purchase a product from Integrative Therapeutics, you may you may have it shipped directly to you or  shipping or pick it up at Dr. Maios office.


Dr. Maio is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition as well as being an accomplished cook and gardener. Including balanced nutrition in your daily life is essential to healing from a myriad of ailments and injuries.

Vegan Bowl
Movement Therapy
Movement Therapy

Dr. Maio has taught martial arts, Tai Chi and Qigong for several decades. She has her own movement-specific exercises tailored to an individual patient's needs. Dr. Maio has also worked with world-class athletes and their coaches.

Modern Dancer
Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a complex field. Whether you are a professional, amateur, weekend warrior or just out for health, you should be assessed and treated by a professional who is knowledgable about your game.


Dr. Maio has been a multisport athlete throughout her life and is uniquely qualified to assess and treat your sport related injury.


She has worked extensively with professional and amateur competitive athletes in:



Martial Arts








Car Racing

MTX Racing



Rock Climbing

Dr. Maio works closely with coaches and their players to identify the injury source, resolve it and prevent it from recurring.


She is certified in Plant Based Nutrition from ECornell and has developed custom recovery training programs.

Sports Injury
Public Speaking
Public Speaking

Dr. Lenore Maio, AP is available for Public Speaking Events on Chinese Medicine. She is an accomplished public speaker and educational professional. Her speaking events and educational lectures always garner excellent reviews.

Dr. Maio has spoken for medical groups, hospitals, charity events, peer related education, business groups and athletic events.

 Available topics are:

  • Understanding Eastern Medicine in a Western World

  • Herbal Medicine and the Modern Patient

  • Sports Medicine in a Traditional Chinese Medical Perspective

  • Orthopedic Applications in Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Recovery of Post Operative Patients in Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Pre Operative Care for Orthopedic Patients

  • Complimentary Patient Care in Oncology


Customized topics may be available upon request.

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