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The EYES Have It!

Today we all have exposure to digital display screens. Most of us know how many 'hours' we expose ourselves and our children. What does this mean?

I recently read an article about changing your iPhone or iPad screens to red or more red color. The blue colored screen light they say has been shown to cause eye fatigue and potential long term damage.

Let's look at this from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

Eye strain from looking at a digital screen, or from reading writing on paper are not much different. The cure is simple. Stop doing that so much. Our eyes and muscles will have to adapt from their original programming if we do what we do now and stare at a digital screen for many hours of the day.

The article I read recommended you change your light source on your device to more of a red tint. I of course decided to try it out!

I cannot say whether I am benefitting from the change. The screen certainly isn't easier to read or clearer. It is now harder to read and not as clear. However, I found that I wasn't scrunching up my face as tightly on the red screen tint.

Perhaps my eyes recognized the tint was easier on them in a red. My brain must have had a quiet conversation with the eyes about this.

Whether you do red or you do blue, the Chinese medicine answer is always DON'T OVERDO.

If you have a job using a digital screen, get glasses to moderate the light exposure. You will have already pushed your limit outside of work with a phone, tablet, TV, laptop, etc.

When you are home, try limit the hours your eyes are exposed to digital screens. We are digital screen crazy these days. Try to do something that doesn't require a digital screen.

Lastly, consider the TCM belief in 'Balance'. Listen to music without ear buds or head phones. Spend time in a quiet natural setting without digital screens and enhanced noise.

Even 20 minutes a day away from tech onslaught will be better than constant exposure.

Get proper rest! Don't fall asleep to a digital screen in your bedroom. Keep your sleep area as digital light free as you can. Better to go to your bedroom to stretch, meditate, talk with a family member or friend and wind down.

To Health!

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