What does a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor do?
What can Traditional Chinese Medicine Do For Me?
What do I expect for my first visit?

Home, Hospital and Rehab Facility Visits

Dr. Maio is available for out of office visits and off hours visits within a certain driving distance and by availability.

These visits incur additional charges for travel and off hours times as applicable.


Fast Track Acupuncture for Targeted Issues

Everyone has time and budget contraints these days.

If you are not seeing Dr. Maio for full health consultation and the associated care, you can fit acupuncture into a tighter timeframe and budget.

Coming for healthcare on single issues, such as a frozen shoulder, or chronic knee pain, can get you in and out of the office in 30 minutes or less with half the cost of a full hour visit.

Fast track issues are evaluated on a case by case basis for effectiveness in short term treatments. after all. You deserve the best care possible!


What do I expect at my first visit?

Your first visit to a Dr. Lenore Maio is approximately 60-75 minutes long if you are coming in for comprehensive whole body and health care.

A thorough and comprehensive patient medical history and physical exam are completed.

If applicable, and time allows, an initial treatment will be performed.

Dr. Maio will explain your intial diagnosis and discuss a treatment plan or refer you to a licensed healthcare practiioner more suited to treat your issues.

Lab testing or radiologic testing may be recommended.

Herbal formulas, Homeopathic formulas, supplements and perhaps injection therpay will be recommended.

Depending on the outcome of this initial visit, you may be scheduled for a series of treatment. Dr. Maio recommends 3-5 treatments in most cases to get an accurate view of Traditional Chinese Medicine's effect on your condition.